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BOY Has Arrived

Posted 8/17/2016

  Hello All. Yes My son has been born he arrived on Aug. 11th and now my home has increased in testosterone :>.  Not much as far as news goes I think we are about a year out from any worthwhile title. Not that I am that bothered by it. While a great title would be stellar we as a community need better and cheaper hardware so we can have a large player base. For now it seems in the short term we will have to just enjoy spectating our favorite matches. Those will be coming via VREAL on the site. We do have help on the site now me and my English brother are still hashing out what roles and need's he will fill. But having  him over there mean's any upcoming event located in the UK or western Europe he will try to make. So for now Peace out and may your KDA be Glorious!

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Gone Old school for KICKS

Posted 7/31/2016

 So while shopping with my family one of the stores we visited was well shall not be named but starts with W and ends in T.  There discount isle is close to the kids isles and I figured ill just look and see what's there. To my surprise was several boxes of Mattel's viewers. Now priced at $7 buck's I'm like why not. even bought the space pkg which was down to  $10 after finding them in the kids section after my kids found there little bundles of fun. Once home I got to thinking well I wonder if I can watch other VR Experiance's besides Just there Reel's. YES YES YOU CAN.  All the google cardboard app's run just fine so For a little Vintage look and something educational for my little ones was money well spent. I will point out that I do own a few adult VR Domains and yes even that type of material can be enjoyed on it.  It is a lot more comfortable then you may imagine. And truth be told once your eyes are locked in it could be pink with lime green and you would never notice...  Game on and Live a little.

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Posted 7/28/2016

  Sorry Folks. As of late my Medication that I have to take every day was not working as intended. If ya know Hashimoto's Disease I am one of those and brain fog is not fun. To speak mildly  unable to even look at a computer and remember what I had intended to do. Possibly the stress with new job baby due in august and the hundred other thing's one does as a adult like it or not. A good friend of mine will be helping with the site shortly to help fill the voids as my med's get tweaked and I feel normal again. Take care and whether its VR or AR get out there and game.

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VR Streaming

Posted 5/31/2016

VREAL is the first platform for VR game streaming and discovery that transforms private virtual worlds into sharable, discoverable experiences. As a native VR streaming platform, VREAL enables developers, streamers, players, and viewers around the world to join in on the fun with any VR headset or 2D screen and easily integrate into a vast number of games across all areas of interest. VREAL is available globally at

  After reading about VREAL I just had to contact them. The above was a snippet from there press release. I believe this was exactly what I was looking for.  To grow the VR community this type of company will help make it grow and thrive. I look forward to hearing back from them and I will try to acquire some exclusive news.

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Hell ON Wheel's

Posted 5/28/2016

   Well as some of you know was some website problem's. My end and I apologize dealing with plesk and multiple domains with 1 ip. Equals to hell 1 web site was not resolving another was error after error. I was pretty miffed and my family suffered. Yep I felt like crap so I agreed to take them to the mall. Now I am blessed with 3 girl's 1 boy " YES" on the way  but had my wife and 1 daughters friend come along.

   I will not lie and tell you it was a great experience. IT was HELL massive traffic due to all the rain in Houston I was stuck in a mini van. YES its that vehicle you trade once you have kids from the nice mustang you had. Anyways stuck 2 hours one way 2 hours back. 2 hours of Shopping with 5 female's.  Relax I am alive I will not commit any cruel deed's except once I finish this tweaking in what I hope fixes my prb. I may play league a bit to take my frustrations out.  My friends I hope I can bring you the new's you wish to see and hopefully convince a few developers to throw a old dog a bone with some exclusive news or access I can give away to a lucky viewer. Time will tell.                                                                   VenemousDope OUT!~!!!!

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