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BOY Has Arrived

Posted 8/17/2016

  Hello All. Yes My son has been born he arrived on Aug. 11th and now my home has increased in testosterone :>.  Not much as far as news goes I think we are about a year out from any worthwhile title. Not that I am that bothered by it. While a great title would be stellar we as a community need better and cheaper hardware so we can have a large player base. For now it seems in the short term we will have to just enjoy spectating our favorite matches. Those will be coming via VREAL on the site. We do have help on the site now me and my English brother are still hashing out what roles and need's he will fill. But having  him over there mean's any upcoming event located in the UK or western Europe he will try to make. So for now Peace out and may your KDA be Glorious!

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