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Hell ON Wheel's

Posted 5/28/2016

   Well as some of you know was some website problem's. My end and I apologize dealing with plesk and multiple domains with 1 ip. Equals to hell 1 web site was not resolving another was error after error. I was pretty miffed and my family suffered. Yep I felt like crap so I agreed to take them to the mall. Now I am blessed with 3 girl's 1 boy " YES" on the way  but had my wife and 1 daughters friend come along.

   I will not lie and tell you it was a great experience. IT was HELL massive traffic due to all the rain in Houston I was stuck in a mini van. YES its that vehicle you trade once you have kids from the nice mustang you had. Anyways stuck 2 hours one way 2 hours back. 2 hours of Shopping with 5 female's.  Relax I am alive I will not commit any cruel deed's except once I finish this tweaking in what I hope fixes my prb. I may play league a bit to take my frustrations out.  My friends I hope I can bring you the new's you wish to see and hopefully convince a few developers to throw a old dog a bone with some exclusive news or access I can give away to a lucky viewer. Time will tell.                                                                   VenemousDope OUT!~!!!!

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